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    How has Liberty helped hundreds of thousands of people live better lives? By delivering diabetes testing supplies and prescriptions at little or no cost.


    Liberty Medical is dedicated to providing you with the best options for insulin pumps, infusion sets and continuous blood glucose monitoring systems for controlling diabetes.


    You can choose from a wide selection of CPAP supplies, including CPAP masks, humidifiers, filters and tubing that will be delivered to your door.


    Liberty offers a wide range of pouching systems from top brands like Coloplast, ConvaTec®, Hollister and Genairex®. Feel secure knowing the ostomy products will be delivered discreetly, with free shipping.


    Most health insurance plans now cover single-use catheters. This was a major change for catheter users, increasing coverage for disposable intermittent catheters from four catheters per month (one per week) to up to 200 per month, per patient.

    Ray Allen fundraising event raises nearly $500,000 for diabetes research

    The new year began with a fundraising event for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, both of which conduct research toward controlling diabetes.

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    Researchers examine link between cleanliness and Type 1 diabetes

    Researchers from the University of Helsinki set out to determine if the fact that Finland is one of the least polluted countries in the world may be contributing to the high rate of Type 1 diabetes in...

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    Flavonoid-rich foods may help protect against Type 2 diabetes

    Recently published research shows that foods containing high levels of flavonoids​, such as tea, berries and chocolate, may help protect people against Type 2 diabetes.

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    Color-changing holograms may be used to monitor glucose levels

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge are working to adapt "smart" hologram technology into home medical devices that could help people with diabetes monitor their condition simply and without expensive...

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    Virginia parents fight for the rights of children with diabetes

    It is not just adults who use blood glucose meters to check their blood sugar levels, but children as well.

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    Dietary experts discuss importance of protein for patients with Type 2 diabetes

    Experts discussed the importance of protein-rich foods, including eggs, in the prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes.

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